jeremy Bernstein is bootsquadresearch. His work explores the temporal and syntactic qualities of associative fragmentation. Technically, his work manifests a convergence of sound, image and code development. His series in progress, virtues, examines the philosophy of ethics through a disciplined "performance" of production and release of code-based digital works.

His sound and video work has been presented abroad, in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the U.K., Spain, and in New York City, where he is based, at such venues as P.S. 122, the Knitting Factory, HERE and The Kitchen. Recent collaborators have included 326 (Theatre Granit, France), Zoe Beloff (NYC), Toni Dove (NYC), Vitriol (Portugal) and Andrea Kleine (NYC). He is a co-author of Jitter, a multi-dimensional data processing environment, published by Cycling '74 in August 2002.


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