Ticklish are a London-based four-piece ensemble whose live performance combines use of samplers, electronic instruments, computers and video projection. The music is stuctured but spontaneous. Against the grain of the recent trend for musicians providing soundtracks to existing films, the video images are created in live response to the music performance. They combine a diverse range of influences from dance music to improvisation, folk, and punk, while maintaining a love and knowledge of the experimental genre from the Schaeffer & Henry experiments of the 1940's to the laptop number crunchers of this century. Their use of sampling is not based on knowing plunderphonics, though, but on play - and play can be a subversive activity.

Ticklish have appeared at a range of international festivals and events including Impakt2000 in Utrecht, Holland, 'Ulrichsberger Kalaedophon' and Konfrontationen festivals in Austria, and were part of the 'Spletizizerz' collaborative project in Cologne last September. They have an album 'Ticklish' available on Cologne based label Grob, and an ep and upcoming album on the Parisian Textile imprint.

Ticklish are:

Phil Durrant
"Phil Durrant..one of Englands treasures.." - Sound Projector

Phil Durrant is a highly accomplished musician whose work crosses the boundaries between dance electronica, and improvisation. He is a member of the influential collective 'MIMEO', and has worked with musicians such as Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Kaffe Matthews, Grooverider, Shut up and Dance, John Zorn, Phil Minton, Tom Corra, Peter Rehberg, Christian Fennesz and many, many others. Recently he has collaborated with dance choreographers including Maxine Doyle, Gill Clarke and Suzanne Thomas.

Richard Sanderson
Richard Sanderson is a singer-song writer and host of the eclectic London live performance club 'Baggage Reclaim'. A CD of his songs - Half Empty is out this autumn, on the Penthouse Hotplate imprint. As well as working with Ticklish he is member of improvising group 'Calcite z' and art-tribute outfit The Hideous Replicas. A keen enthusiast of English folk music, he is currently learning the accordion. More information can be obtained at www.bagrec.com

Kev Hopper
"An artist whose next move should be carefully watched..." - The Wire

A former member of eighties quartet Stump, Kev Hopper has moved from rock beginnings to diverse musical experimentation including mastery of the musical saw which has led to appearances on film and TV. In addition to this he has worked with Sterolab and Sean O'Hagan and The High Llamas. He has made four solo albums - Stolen Jewels, Spoonbung, Whispering Foils, and Saurus. The last two are available in the UK on Duophonic and Drag City respectively.

Rob Flint
"...scopac's subtle visual distortions..." -The Wire

Rob Flint (aka scopac) is an artist who performs with moving images, often in collaboration with musicians and sound artists. As well as performing with Ticklish, he has worked with artists including Sean O'Hagan and The High Llamas, Steve Beresford, Toshimaru Nakamura, David Cunningham, Apache 61. His duo with Phil Durrant - scopac versus sowari performed at Tate Britain last September, and at the ISEA festival in Nagoya in October. Recently he co-curated 'motor:show' at 'proof' in Bermondsey, showing work by Hayley Newman, Brian Catling, Brown Sierra, Tina Frank, and others.


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