Vitriol is the longstanding project of Paulo Raposa and Carlos Santos. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, this partnership has been active since the early nineties in the field of sound performance and intermedia art. Vitriol work puts an emphasis in the displacement of various sound sources as objects, acoustic instruments or architectural spaces, using computer and custom-built software to create abstract organic landscapes.

Paulo Raposa has performed in the USA, Germany, France, Spain and Holland. In 1996 he received the BES prize from the Gulbenkian Foundation for his work 'rizomes', premiered at Phil Niblock's Experimental Intermedia in New York. Carlos Santos has been a regular collaborator with several Portuguese improvisers and with cellist Ulrich Mitzlaf in the project 1/0.

Together as Vitriol they have worked with Koji Asano, Harold Baush, Matt Rogalski, Ben Manley, and Kaffe Mathews among others.

Since 2000, Vitriol have been working with video artist and programmer Jeremy Bernstein.

Selected Discography

Rizoma Nocturno
New music from Portugal, Vol 1, 1997

Randonee 0.06
Sirr.records, 2001

Sul – Various
Sirr.records, 2002

Collaborations with Koji Asano, Harold Baush, Matt Rogalski, Ben manley and Kaffe Mathews among others


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