EQ is the third in a series of works featuring saxophones: Q (1976) for soprano saxophone, string trio and electric organ explores the musical implications of "cue" (a signal to begin a musical event), "queue" (the players sit in a diagonal line across the stage) and "Q" (the width of a tuneable band of frequencies - in a filter, for example); SQ (1978-79) for saxophone quartet addresses space and the theatricality of performance; EQ (1980) for soprano saxophone and tape (perhaps more accurately described as a tape piece with soprano saxophone obbligato) revisits some of these concerns, particularly "cue" (the interaction of saxophone and tape), "Q" (a sweeping filter can be heard producing melodic material out of static harmony), spatial articulation and the physical and theatrical aspects of performance. Also, "EQ" is studio slang for "equalisation" - essentially sophisticated tone controls, and a fundamental device for sound modification in the studio.

EQ won First Prize in the Mixed Category of the 1981 Bourges International Electroacoustic Awards. ;


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