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Aims & Objectives

Our aim is always to be at the cutting edge of educational developments in music and sound and to enable everyone with whom we work to listen in new ways and to engage creatively with the medium of sound.

To further this aim we use technology to promote:-
* active aural perception through high quality recording of sound and critical and structured listening
* creative curiosity through encouraging radical experiment and investigation
* changes in the ways individuals respond to sound and approach the process of composition

Our project workers have:-
* high quality technical expertise and well developed compositional skills
* the commitment and ability to articulate & communicate their enthusiasm and to inspire others
* an awareness of best practice in community arts and education

We are committed to access, opportunity and excellence in its education work but the emphasis will be slightly different in the different phases of education.

At Pre-School & Statutory Levels
Sonic Arts Network Education works in a hands on way, initiating and seeking funding for innovative projects, generating models of good practice & finding ways of sharing these widely, providing professional development opportunities for teachers, and working in partnership with other appropriate art forms and other musicians.

At Post 16 Level
Sonic Arts Network Education uses its influence to develop confidence in sonic art practices and stimulate and promote a broad aesthetic regarding music technology and use of sound. It develops and disseminates resources, is building a widely accessible pool of materials and people, is raising awareness among teachers and education providers, is encouraging dialogue and debate and exploring opportunities for students to work as apprentices and mentors in SAN education projects whilst providing them with a high standard of general training in arts education provision.

Lifelong Learning
Sonic Arts Network Education seeks to develop the educational potential of its artistic resources to broaden access and raise standards in community-based projects. It uses sonic art as a communicative tool to address issues of citizenship and community, challenges intolerance and promotes a culture of understanding. It undertakes both national and international projects of a high standard and profile and develops partnerships with international organizations and charities to further this aim. It seeks to engage with those in society who may feel excluded - such as disaffected young people, those in deprived areas, ethnic minorities, the disabled and the elderly - and contributes to neighbourhood regeneration and increased local participation through projects that emphasize sustainable development.

Within the Wider Community
For practitioners Sonic Arts Network education fulfils a networking function both between individuals and between organisations. It supports the work of sonic artists, musicians and composers, at different stages of their careers, by signposting opportunities for the extension of skills and artistic development. It works in collaboration with existing organisations to provide opportunities for artistic development, to share information about opportunities for study and other activities including performance, broadcasting, CD recordings and the like. Sonic Arts Network takes a leading role in collaborations with venues and partners where there is the potential for greater activity in the sonic arts.


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