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The vote will run until 11 April. The proposal with the most votes will win the £150 bursary. You can only vote once, so please read all the proposals carefully before making your decision.

Choice 1: Stuart Craig - 'Broken Music'
Choice 2: James Wyness - Soundscape of Jedburgh
Choice 3: Justin Wiggan - Language is a Raft


Name: Stuart Craig

Date/Duration/Location: April – September 2005, Newcastle and Online.

Project overview: Inspired by the preciousness of record collectors’ handling and packaging requirements, and being a record collector myself, I have been affected to some extent by the Royal Mail’s precise packing and sending records through the post (Recommendation for vinyl records: “Certain items need to be wrapped and packed more carefully before being sent through the post.” “Sandwich between thick cardboard. Surround with soft packing material. Wrap in strong paper, seal with tape and clearly mark package RECORDS – DO NOT BEND”.

I have sent 2 or 3 experiments of unprotected vinyl records through the post with my address on the record label and the stamps straight on to the vinyl grooves. This subversion of the guidelines clearly baffles the post office counter and Royal Mail staff.

Project aim: I would hope to inspire people to understand the idea of “broken music”, how the process can add new life to an old media and how these “remixes” can still be played as the original intention with new layers added. I’m also thinking of fingerprinting the vinyl when I receive it revealing the hand of the owner, previous owner(s), postal delivery handlers.

Audience/Contributors: Artists, music-makers and music-lovers, vinyl fetishists…

What will the fund pay for? PO BOX, Advertising (for example, a-n magazine), Web Design basic course, posters.

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Name: James Wyness

Date/Duration/Location: Jedburgh, Scottish Borders in March or April of 2005

Project overview: Jedburgh is a cultural desert. Despite that many artists live hereabouts and many people seek out cultural events. For some time now the hard working committee of a new Arts Centre have been trying to get funding to put on a multi-media event, with a focus on sound art, in order to get things going. I've contributed in many ways but up till now everything I've done has been gratis and with my own equipment.

Project aim: I want to present a soundscape of Jedburgh, reflecting its unique human history and natural environment and to contextualise this with an assemblage or collage of found objects from the town itself. The sound would be diffused over a simple multi-channel system consisting of portable CD players on a random setting played through an array of inexpensive multi-media computer speakers. The event would take place in the new gallery space at the Arts Centre and would be supported with photographic and possibly video contributions.

Audience/Contributors: I would carry out most of the recording and editing of sounds and some of the administration. I would also co-ordinate the work of the other contributors. Two of the committee are visual artists and they would contribute to the found object installation and I would expect enthusiastic input from an emerging local photographic artist. The event would be well attended locally (there's nowhere else in Jedburgh presenting art of any kind) and the Arts Centre doubles as a Community Centre with an out of school club and various day and night classes. There are also large tourist numbers throughout the year. The committee of eight would assist with the administration and running of the event which would possibly, if successfully funded, form part of a wider event. In total that makes approximately four or five artists and a committee of eight. If we ran the event over a long weekend I would anticipate at least 200 plus visitors based on numbers at a recent photographic exhibition.

What will the fund pay for? The funds will pay for material such as portable CD players and speakers, disposables such as minidiscs and blank CDRs, material such as a board for presenting found objects, hire of the venue, heat and light costs and publicity and office costs. There might be some travel costs but these would be easily absorbed locally. I will waiver my usual five figure fee on this occasion as it's all in a good cause.

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Name: Justin Wiggan

Date/Duration/Location: April 2005, between Birmingham and Leicester

Project overview: I am walking to Leicester City museum from my house in Birmingham, along the way I am documenting sound in certain locations and leaving the cassette in that location, this audio graffiti is then photographed and documented. Inside the envelope with the cassette is a card questioning the finder and an address to send the tape back.

Project aim: The walk will end at Leicester City museum, where the photographs will be displayed (medium format taken by Norwegian photographer Oona Luras) along with the final cassette which is stuck to the wall, on the cassette is the recording of the photos being hung as a closure to the piece. The exhibition is called “a stranger came to town” and the piece is called “language is a raft”.

Audience/Contributors: It is a 45 mile walk, so the possibilities of audience who will find the cassettes, mean that it could be a large number who will become part of the work itself. Their response is vital to the piece. The show itself will attract people. I also aim to get some press coverage due to the “nature” of the work!

The end result will be a book of the whole experience.

What will the fund pay for? I have applied to Arts Council West Midlands and Vivid for funding, the bursary would help my application to these bodies as I am required to get a little funding from other bodies. This would cover certain materials i.e. cassettes.

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