We are celebrating our 25-year anniversary with two very special concerts in Belfast on the 30 April and 1 May.

Barry Anderson Fanfare (tape 2 channel)
Hugh Davies Strata (Concert Aeolian Harp and 4 channel electroacoustic sounds)
Kaffe Matthews Improvisation
Matthew Adkins
Miles Chalcraft
Symbiont (2 channel and Video)
Steve Montague Haiku (piano, tape, electronics)
Javier Alvarez
Ian Dearden
Edge Dance (2 channel)
Simon Emmerson Spirit of '76 (flute, accelerating tape delay, 2 channel)
Jonty Harrison Pair/Impair (2 channel)
Trevor Wishart Vox 5 (4 channel)

To book call the Sonorities04 booking line on: 028 9027 4829 or email sarc@qub.ac.uk Tickets cost £10 (£6 concessions).

Sonic Arts Network and BBC Radio 3 present Cut & Splice, an evening of electronic music and sound art.

This year we join the celebrations at the opening of the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queens University, Belfast with an evening of 'Clouds And Grains' - music at the quantum level. The sonic equivalent of particle accelerators smashing atoms to reveal truth, strangeness and charm. Clouds of sounds swirl like pollen in a hurricane. From the tape shredding work of Iannis Xenakis, via the granular, digital world of Curtis Roads, to Mego records' multi-disciplinary artist Russell Haswell.

Curtis Roads
with visuals by Brian O'Reilly

Point Line Cloud

Iannis Xenakis

Concret PH

Russell Haswell

Live Stochastic Synthesis

Tickets are free but you do need to book in advance via the BBC Music Live Ticket Line on: 0870 333 1918


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