Sunday 18 July
This first day's sessions will provide an introduction to Max and its applications for sound and video performance and installation work. Participants will gain practical experience using Max to build simple functional systems.

Monday 19 July
Leading of from Sunday's sessions we will examine means of sound generation and control in Max/MSP more closely. Topics will include MIDI input and output, simple synthesis and sound processing and sound-file playback and manipulation. Again, participants will gain immediate experience in Max/MSP using these techniques.

Tuesday 20 July
Tuesdays sessions will allow participants to recap the previous two days of workshops in preparation for more challenging (and hopefully interesting) material on Thursday and Friday. Participants will be encouraged to suggest areas for exploration.

Wednesday 21 July
This day's sessions will focus on interfacing with Max. Sensor devices (such as light sensors, distance sensors and pressure sensors) will be presented as a means of getting real-world information into Max. This will be presented along with more conventional interfaces such as MIDI keyboards and fader-banks. Nick Rothwell will present some of his work performance systems with Max using controllers such as the MotorMix and the Buchla Thunder.

Thursday 22 July
Leading on from Tuesday's sessions we will explore the possibilities for integrating Max/MSP with live instruments.

Friday 23 July
The sessions on Friday will bring together the previous five days of exploration. Participants will be engaged in developing their projects for the performance on Saturday and as such demonstration sessions will be geared towards the interests of the group. Ideas presented earlier in the week may be expanded upon, revised or new ideas explored.

Saturday 24 July
Participants will be finalising projects ready for the evening performance.


About Martin Robinson
Martin is currently a Lecturer in Sonic Art at the Landsdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University; Audio Lecturer at the School of Audio Engineering (London) and a composer, performer and software developer. He is a founder member of tractor (with Andrew Deakin) and Extractor (with Andrew Deakin, Catherine Bassett and Vicki Spong). Extractor and tractor explore the performance of live electronic music employing custom built instruments and multi-channel loudspeaker systems.

Recently Martin has been invited to STEIM (Studio for electro-instrumental music, Amsterdam) to give performances and direct workshops, visiting three times between May 2001 and April 2002. His current research interests are algorithmic and/or interactive control of live sound and video performances and installations.

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We are grateful to Middlesex University for their support.


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