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Posted by LE CENTRE DE LA BOMBE on August 06, 2020 at 18:31:59:

LE CENTRE DE LA BOMBE web site news #3
LE CENTRE DE LA BOMBE, July 1999, 152 pages, 267 pictures, 8 movies, 70 mn of music in mp3 format, and more ROOMS.

-> Le Centre De La Bombe landing place has a new presentation!

-> That's it! You can now listen and download music at Le Centre De La Bombe web site.
You just need an audio/mpeg plug-in to stream the mp3 files. With QuickTime 4 and Netscape Navigator 4 it seems to work.
The pieces included are:
·From Shadow-Sky-Knots-System's CD "Knots-System in Miami": "Knot 1 page 38." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/knot.html
·From 2 Lamplayers' CD "5000 Years After Music from the Genoscopic Kalandar": "Beyond the Sleep Fence" and "White Sleep, a Struggle for Awakening." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/lamplayerscd1.html
·From 2 Lamplayers CD "Live in New Europe AD": "Acte 2." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/2lamplayerslive.html
·From the CD "La Farsa de l Sonido": "La Farsa del Sonido." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/farsa.html
·From the CD "Aloof Sky is the Proof of Shadow": "4th Proof of the Shadow." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/aloofsky.html
at http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/aloofsky2.html you will see the musical instruments used for this music.
·From the CD "6 Milliard de Voix sans Air": "Vos Cagoùles n'ont pas d'Oùvertures ?". GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/6billionvoices.html
·From the CD "Strange Night with Mr. Shadow-Sky": "La Chambre d'Extase." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/teub-system2.html
·From S.P.O.R.T.'s CD "To Be Definitively Done with Religion": the first piece. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/S.P.O.R.T.html
· From Ono Lulu Filharmonia's CD "Je Suis d'Ailleurs": "Goddess's Dreams." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/onolulu2.html
· From Ono Lulu Filharmonia's CD "La Commedia del Suono": "First Anonymous of twenty century: meeting." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/onolulu3.html

Plus some background music at
· LCDLB landing place
· LCDLB mapping page
· 2 Lamplayers entrance page
· ?

You can access all the CDs produced by Le Disque Du Centre De La Bombe and mp3 files through http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/ledisque.html
By the way Le Disque Du Centre De La Bombe is still looking for a distribution...

-> We included 5:52 mn QuickTime video movie of the 2 Lamplayers' tour "Live in New Europe AD." GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/2LamplayersMovie.html
At http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/2L_live_europe2.html there are 14 video pictures extracted from the movie: 2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After Music from the Genoscopic Kalandar.

-> We included a music game to explore the mystery of time. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/musicgame1.html

-> We opened a new area Art place in Le Centre De La Bombe mapping page http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/centre-bombe2.html where Mathius Shadow-Sky CopyArt works are shown. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/CopyArtShopping.html
Soon paintings of the two following artists will be shown: Dorothée Sadowski and Agata Siecinska.

-> There is more ROØMS and we decided to not any more count them in : the game is to found them all to receive a free Ob-CD from Le Disque Du Centre De La Bombe.
"The ROØMS is a project that mixes architecture: ROOMS = box, acoustics architecture (scenophony) with 3D moving music, indoor decoration (scenography) with objects and pictures we need to build our privacy, and written text. A "room" is a special private place, where ambiance of each one, with music and pictures, causes our dreams in opposite of our social life. Here, in Internet place, the Rooms are shown in two-dimensional electronic screen: a far away virtual mind-projection!"

-> We add the texts of the Computer Music Controversy between Mathius Shadow-Sky and musicians from the MAX list. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/controversy.html

GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/In-DeX.html

-> In this contents there is the LINKS page where you can access: artists' web site, artists' organization web site and web site with FREE WARE, shareware and cheap commercial software for music, text, utilities, etc... for Mac and PC. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/links.html

-> We precised the story of the Mathius Shadow-Sky's Blue Sky Cellocubic from the Bauhaus. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/cellocubic.html

-> You can see Le Centre De La Bombe recording and mastering studio in Forgues/France. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/newsbulletin.html
and soon now in the US.

-> Some links moved.

-> You can see more precisely the musical instruments of 2 Lamplayers. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/lamps.html

-> We add several animated pictures, browse to find them as a hide and seek game!

Le Centre De La Bombe web site gets bigger and bigger [there is around 160 MB of files!], and every body is still welcome to participated.


-> The score of La Farsa Del Sonido is not yet available to download because of some conversion problems.

-> We'll upload the Stockhausen Remixes pieces in mp3 format from the following composers: Techtel Mechtel, Acapulco Laps, David Fenech, Toy Bizarre, Nicolas Brasart and Mathius Shadow-Sky who joint the project Stockhausen Remixed. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/remixed.html
The project is still open...
Don't forgets the next Remixed project with Pierre Henry. GO http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/remixed2.html

-> We'll upload paintings of the two artists: 23 pictures from Dorothée Sadowski and 12 pictures from Agata Siecinska during her residency at Le Centre De La Bombe.

-> Nous sommes en train de travailler à la traduction française du site web du Centre De La Bombe adressé chez www.multimania.com/bombcentre, mais il n'y a que 12 MB de disponible alors que le site pèse 160 MB !

Thank you for your suggestions, commentaries and requests at centre_bombe@hotmail.com
For the new Bomb Center's lovers don't hesitate to contact us

Thanks to all of you.
Le Centre De La Bombe's team

LE CENTRE DE LA BOMBE web site news #2
LE CENTRE DE LA BOMBE, February 1999, 111 pages 200 pictures, 5 movies...
- New provider without cookies and commercials:

- 2 new movies on line (including at tripod):

of 2 Lamplayers 5000 years After: http://www.bburg.bev.net/civic/centre-bombe/2L_live_europe.html

of Knots-System in Miami:

- The Music Room of Le Centre De La Bombe at Geocities does not seem to work with Real Audio! http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Village/1323/

Soon Music and scores to download in Le Centre De La Bombe web site...


LE CENTRE DE LA BOMBE web site news #1
LE CENTRE DE LA BOMBE, January 1999 on-line.


We are proud to introduce you the official site of Le Centre De La Bombe on-line. Le Centre de la Bombe is a musicart group existing since 1987 around Mathius Shadow-Sky. The site is conceived as a labyrinthic hide and seek game where some "rooms" are, to be discovered! The site is more conceived as a place where it is pleasant to be, and to provoke creativity, than usual artistic works description. It is more interesting to see the original than its textual description! It why we try to use the web space as a creation matter, not as an i n f o r m a t i o n, that in arts nobody cares. We are creators of sensations not of information. "Information is the illusion of world connection."

We hope you enjoy the Bomb Center's web site to explore its 108 pages with 194 pictures!

Waiting for your reactions and suggestions

Have a fun time

"Artists in lack of inspiration, go to Le Centre De La Bombe web site" Alexis Bosch.

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