Registration: Rehearsal Rooms Drama Theatre, 7:15pm

Drama Theatre: Concert 1, 7:30pm

Helen Stephenson Liquid Voice 14:59
James Forth Closer 5.54
Fumiko Miyachi myojo 8:00
Derrick Archer kare - sansui - ji 13:22
Brian Robinson All Fired Up 12:00
Oliver Hancock Dark Turning 10:00
John Stephen Visceratae 5:31
Martin Vishnick 3 Studies (guitar and tape) 15:00
Imp Improvisation 10:00




Rehearsal Studio: Concert 2, 10:30am

Stelios Gianoulakis Rites of Passage 24:00
Peter Coyte Night and Day 20:00
Bocman Little Star 12:12

Drama Theatre: Concert 3, 12:00pm

Ed Bennett El Tigre 9:44
Richard Whitelaw Cheap Music #1: Double Reed 3:58
Mark Horrocks Tanzhaus 9:24
Charlotte White Hampshire Sounds...ok 5.02
Robert MacKay Joyce's Vision 4:06
Tom Williams mbira Prism 8:10
Ambrose Field One Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow 17:00

Rehearsal Studio: Meeting and panel discussions, 2:30pm
Talk from Richard Holmes, UK product specialist for Digidesign.

Drama Theatre: Concert 4, 4:30pm
O Ar Do Texto Opera A Forma Do Som Interior
(The Air in the Text Operates the Form of the Inner Sound)
Sound poetry / music theatre with live electronics voice & table, Miguel Azguime

Drama Theatre: Concert 5, 7:30pm

Elizabeth Anderson Les Forges de l'Invisible (Octophonic) 14:13
Pete Stollery Vox Magna 12:50
Paul Rudy Thema Omaggio 8:53
Tim Shaw Emergence (4 channel) 5:30
Miguel Azguime Sobreposições (4 channel) 8:57
António Ferreira Canções Cativas 9:12
Trevor Wishart Imago 25:30
David Berezan Boading 7:22
Jo Hyde Improvised multimedia performance 10:00




Rehearsal Studio: Concert 6, 10:30am

John Levack Drever Phonographies of Exeter 24:02
Peter de Moncey-Conegliano Not in My Name 11:19
Dan Fox Roveniemi 6:00
Hasnizam Rahah 7:00

Drama Theatre: Concert 7, 12:00pm

Ruth Duckworth and Lati Saka Fragile Graffiti (2003) (dance + tape) 8:00
Nikos Stavropoulos Resurrection 14:48
Pippa Murphy Voyage in 7 movements (4 mvts) 11:00
Fergal Dowling Rain 11:58
Robert Dow White Water (airflow) 14:00
Coryn Smethurst Black Sun Bloody Moon for tape and amplified percussion 5:16

Showroom Cinema, 2pm
The Innocents


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