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Jo Hyde – Introducing Jitter (2 day course)

Monday 12 & Wednesday 14 September

Waterside 1, The Watershed Media Centre, Bristol

9.30 – 17.00

Advanced booking necessary

Jitter: a set of 135 video, matrix and 3D graphics objects for the Max graphical programming environment. The Jitter objects extend the functionality of MaxMSP with flexible means to generate and manipulate matrix data -- any data that can be expressed in rows and columns, such as video and still images, 3D geometry, as well as text, spreadsheet data, particle systems, voxels or audio. Jitter is useful to anyone interested in real-time video processing, custom effects, 2D/3D graphics, audio/visual interaction, data visualization and analysis.

Morning 1: Brief Introduction to Max and Jitter - examples of work, principals of Matrix manipulation

Afternoon 1: Jitter as a video processing environment - video playback, live capture, display and video effects

Morning 2: Jitter as a video sensing environment - extracting data from a live video input to control sound

Afternoon 2: Jitter as a real-time 3D environment - 3D CGI principals, OpenGL and particle manipulation

Please Note: To participate in this course students are required to have their own laptop and some basic experience of Max/MSP.
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