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Rechenzentrum (Lillevän – film, Marc Weiser – audio) search for new processes of music/moving image production, while refining forms of presentation that create on-stage dialogue between audio and video. They define themselves as a ‘band’ in which audio and video are equally important; video is used as an instrument, and music treated visually. With each release Rechenzentrum have moved closer to the ideal of a fused, symbiotic aural/visual product.

Various influences prevail in their work including Lettrisme, Dada, Burroughs' Cut-Up techniques and Punk. The common threads Rechenzentrum explore in these diverse approaches lie, on the one hand, in the search for what lies beneath the surface of the music or the moving image; and on the other hand, in an interest in taking the communication of music and entertainment to other levels, thus questioning the role of artist and the role of public personality.

Rechenzentrum use computers tools and vehicles for realising and expressing musical and filmic desires, not as a lifestyle device to be worshipped, not as a method and certainly not as a friend. The parameters of their live performances - (improvisational, sometimes irritating, sometimes melancholic, shifting between pleasing and aggressive) reflect the aesthetic of their whole project; progress toward an ever evolving, organic from.

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