Christian Calon (Marseille, France, 1950)
The architectural dimension of sound and a reflection on the narrative processes are the main focus of my present work centred around the ideas of time, presence and transformation. Through various forms including spatial sound installations, acousmatic or radio pieces, my recent pieces explore the modality of the audible and of the listening experience. Space, at the heart of my reflection, has become today an essential way through to the central question of Time.

Working in Europe since 1990, I was in 1991 appointed to the musical direction of the studios of the Groupe de musique expérimentale de Marseille (GEMS, France). In 1995-96, with the support of the DAAD (Germany), I was one of the foreign artists in residence in Berlin. Living since then in this city as a freelance artist, I produced the following works: The Standing Man (1996), installation-performance for three-dimensional sound spaces (projected from 24 channels), on a poem by Franois VillonChristian Calon; Die Zimmer der Erinnerung (The Rooms of Memory) (1997), fictional essay for the radio (hšrspiel) after Marcel ProustChristian Calon (DeutschlandRadio) and The Ulysses Project (1997-in progress), for voices and multitrack sound projection. On regular occasions my works were awarded in international competitions (Italy, USA, France, Austria, Germany) and my recent work was honoured with the Lynch-Staunton Prize (Canada).

Musique Concrète

Thursday 3 April, 9pm
(BBC broadcast 12 April)