Farmers Manual
The basic strategy: total automation vs. human interaction. During a performance we seek to shift the local atmosphere from dissolution and clumsiness through manual change and ecstatic fiddling into an imaginative state of complex monotony, structured calm and chill, or endless associative babbling. So that towards the end the authors become the audience and the audience can be confronted with a stage populated by machines only which cant get out of infinitely rendering a stream of slight semantic madness. The set-up then is what is normally considered a sort of installation. All this with the help of extreme frequencies and distorted, digital generated, flickering images.

Farmers Manual present their esoteric exercises in mobile computing. In addition to performing lots of buzzing, cracking and beeping sounds that come along with blocky, non-anti-aliased, flickering images, they put out lots of buzzing, cracking and beeping sounds on CD, which may also contain lumps of computer readable data.

Musique Concrète

Thursday 3 April, 9pm
(BBC broadcast 12 April)