Quote, unquote. Smash and grab. Plunderphonics takes what's there and remanufactures. The source is fixed and given, the processing unique.

Nicolas Collins (with Jonathan Impett, trumpet, cornett and electronics) will perform Pea Soup (1974-76, software version 2002), English Music (2003), and Devil's Music (1985, software version 2002)

Vicki Bennett's People Like Us mutates kitsch technopop through humour and disinformation.

Marie Goyette shreds Prokofiev and others. She becomes a Cubist orchestra. Classical music but the manual's been lost.

In the bar, Simon Jameson with Good Vibrations, endless versions of the Beach Boys' classic and hallucinatory audio booty.

Thursday 24 April, 8pm
(BBC broadcast 3 May)