Taking sampling to its logical conclusion Simon Jameson's performance will be entirely the work of somebody else...

Brian Wilson Avant-garde - not in today's sense of the spontaneous, and the event, but - as all 60's visionaries were- a perfectionist, looking for the eternal. 1966. When art didn't comment on pop. It was pop. And pop was Pinky and Perky and Zappa - at least in Woolworths.

"Art is pop
& pop is art
That is all you know
& all you need to know"

1966: began with These Boots Are Made For Walking & ended with Strawberry Fields Forever. A brilliant evolution. More brilliant still- Good Vibrations manages to be both. In the mid 60's singles were recorded in a day. Good Vibrations was recorded over 6 months from February 18th to September 1st.at Gold Star, Western, Columbia and Sunset Sound. From an era where the process was subservient to the artefact and the artefact was a million selling single 3 minutes 35 seconds long.

We present in true 21st century style the whole process as event: 3hours 25minutes of The Beach Boys recording Good Vibrations.

Simon Jameson Uptight... out of sight. Philosophy... The 60's is a Royal Flush, every other decade is a Yarborough. Yeah... he's sung on stage with Brian and the Beach Boys since you ask.

Thursday 24 April, 8pm
(BBC broadcast 3 May)