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Saturday 6 May

5.00 doors, 5.30 start

Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Swedish sound conceptualist considered one of the foremost figures in the field of radical sound performance and minimal electronics. “Definitely for the intrepid” (BBC)

Zbigniew Karkowski – Field (world premiere)
“Brilliant chamber group” Apartment House deliver a new extended work for amplified string quartet and multichannel sound from this master of sonic extremes. “Unrelenting intensity that falls between the totalitarian critiques of Laibach and the sonic bloodletting of Hermann Nitsch”

Michel Chion - Requiem
A classic extended piece of 1970s cinemagraphic electroacoustic music from this renowned composer and leading theoretician of the acousmatic and audio-visual arts. “Musique concrète at its purest and leanest, perhaps at its most profound”

Hecker – new work
An exclusive performance developed for the Acousmonium by established post-Mego sonic artist and post-Xenakis purveyor of dynamic, volatile sound-objects. “More complicated, viscous and vicious than just about anything out on the free market”

Russell Haswell
Until late in the ICA bar – Exclusive Cut and Splice Hard-Disc Jockey set from leading UK sound surgeon Russell Haswell. “What a sound, a large, abrasive worm and it’s burrowing down your auditory canal!”  

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