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Sunday 7 May

5.00 doors, 5.30 start

Hans-Joachim Roedelius – new work
New ‘philosophy in sound’ for the Cut and Splice festival from this self-taught Krautrock pioneer and heralded former Cluster member. “Serenity without the sugar of New Age” (New York Times)

Eliane Radigue – Elemental
Laptop supergroup The Lappetites (Kaffe Matthews, AGF, Ryoko Kuwajima) perform the music of this respected and highly individual Parisian figure. “One of the most important and under-recognised composers working today…her music is extraordinarily evocative”

François Bayle - L’Expérience Acoustique
Cut and Splice climaxes with this celebrated hero of French musique concrète presenting his visionary two-hour journey through the listening experience and the sounding world, an epic work, unrivalled in scope and ambition. “Beauty is priceless and unattainable… and here it is, relentlessly and without effort.”

ReR Records
Until 12.00 in the ICA bar – post festival listening hosted by ReR records, one of the UK’s leading and longest standing experimental music labels.

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