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Cut & Splice 2005: Dots and Lines

Sonic Arts Network and BBC Radio 3 are proud to announce the programme for the most ambitious Cut and Splice to date.

This year’s Cut and Splice presents DOTS AND LINES, a cluster of events that explore the idea of notation and the relationship between score, image, text and sound in electronic music and sound art.

Focusing on the gap between ideas and experience, between abstract concepts and their relation to the tangible, DOTS AND LINES considers the analytical, performative and documentary nature of music as written document and code. It throws into relief our very concept of what constitutes the musical experience and considers the complex dialogue between time based and static art forms.

The series includes gallery and online exhibitions, a concert series, and weekly radio programmes for Radio 3’s Hear and Now.

Private View
13 May (7.30pm, Jerwood Space, SE1, London)
A rare chance to experience Kurt Schwitters’ ‘Ursonate’ close up and personal as performed by its leading exponent, Jaap Blonk.

Gallery Show
14 May - 3 June (10am-6pm, Mon-Sat, Jerwood Space, SE1, London)
Free Entry
A collection of ideas and artefacts that explore the relationship between the musical score, image, text and sound in electronic music and sound art.  The Gallery will also be the venue for several Artist interviews presented by The Wire on 21 and 28 May.

Concert 1
22 May (7:30 LSO ST. Luke’s, EC1, London)
Robert Ashley’s ‘The Wolfman’ casts a sinister lounge performer as feedback messiah; Peter Ablinger’s ‘IEAVO’ uses the acoustic of the hall as its generative material and Mauricio Kagel’s epic ‘Acustica’ takes instrument construction out of the garret and into the DIY store.

Tickets: £10/8 Available
Barbican box office: 020 7638 8891

Concert 2
29 May (7:30 LSO ST. Luke’s, EC1, London)
Legendary sound conceptualist Yasunao Tone moves sound in space with the live painting of Chinese calligraphy and the internationally acclaimed artists of Germany’s Raster-Noton records explore sublime geometric forms in both sound and vision.

Tickets: £10/8 Available
Barbican box office: 020 7638 8891

Closing Event
3 June (7.30 Jerwood Space, SE1, London)
Quartet Electronische and Langham Research Centre perform, John Cage's Williams Mix. Free tickets are available from the BBC by calling 0208 576 1227

Website features
An international selection of web-based works curated by Honor Hager around the ‘Dots and Lines’ theme.

  • Extensive notes on all of the artists and work featured in the series.
  • Stereo and 5.1 streamed audio from this year’s Cut and Splice concerts.
  • Interviews with selected artists and performers available as downloadable MP3s.
  • Specially commissioned texts relating to the work featured in this year’s Cut and Splice.
  • An international collection of Internet based sound toys and games.

The site will be hosted by

The event will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s Hear and Now programme on 21 May, 28 May and 11 June on 90-93 FM.

Cut & Splice is an annual festival of performance and exhibition that explores key themes and ideas in the history of art, technology and music. It is co-curated by the BBC and Sonic Arts Network and it takes place in May each year. Each year the festival showcases the work of the leading artists in the field of radical electronic music and digital sound art.

Cut and Splice 2005

Jaap Blonk
Jaap Blonk

Kurt Schwitters Kurt Schwitters

Robert Ashley
Robert Ashley

Peter Ablinger
Peter Ablinger

Yasunao Tone
Yasunao Tone

Raster-Noton Raster-Noton

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