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The Connectors
12-18 September 2005

As part of The Connectors, an international festival at the cutting edge of sound and image processing, there will be artist led masterclasses and software courses

Software Courses
Waterside 1, The Watershed Media Centre, Bristol
Artist led software courses giving hands on instruction in the tools of contemporary AV invention
Jo Hyde - Introducing Jitter
2 day course
Monday 12 and Wednesday 14 September

Jitter: a set of 135 video, matrix and 3D graphics objects for the Max graphical programming environment. The Jitter objects extend the functionality of MaxMSP with flexible means to generate and manipulate matrix data -- any data that can be expressed in rows and columns, such as video and still images, 3D geometry, as well as text, spreadsheet data, particle systems, voxels or audio. Jitter is useful to anyone interested in real-time video processing, custom effects, 2D/3D graphics, audio/visual interaction, data visualization and analysis.

Yasser Rashid - Introducing Processing
2 day course
Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 September

Processing: a programming language and environment built for the electronic arts and visual design communities. It was created to teach the fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook. Processing is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas.

This two-day course constitutes an intensive and hands-on focusing on the creation of interactive sound and visual programs for online, installation or live performance using the Processing environment.

Brian O’Reilly - Strategies for Constructing Moving Images
2 evening course (6pm - 9pm)
Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 September

Changes in media technologies over the past several years have resulted in a redefining of the boundaries between video, and the other media arts. This course will serve as an introduction to the working methods, theories, processes and programs used in binding those relationships.
The emphasis of this course will be divided into several segments with portions devoted to the viewing of historical time-art works, as well as technical lectures on media production and advanced techniques in DVD authoring.   
This course is intended for all levels of students, by exposing them to particular strategies, tools and techniques that could provide useful insights into creating their own projects related to the production of moving images (ranging from short film subjects and documentaries, to purely abstract pieces, video installations and inter-media works).
General themes to be covered:
• Techniques in the composition of moving images
• Mapping the moving image to sonic gestures
• Video construction strategies and media generation techniques using both software and hardware
• Excerpted history of video (re)synthesis
• Advanced techniques in DVD authoring

£60/£40 each, advanced booking necessary for courses, places are limited
For more details on these courses and student requirements please see

Booking info for Watershed events:
The Watershed Box Office
tel: 0117 927 5100
open Mon to Fri from 0900hrs / Sat & Sun from 1000hrs.

Artist Masterclasses
Cinema 3, The Watershed Media Centre
A series of public presentations in which international audio-visual artists talk about their work and the techniques involved in its production
Brian O’Reilly  - Friday 16 September 11am - 1pm
Andreas Schlegel - Saturday 17 September 11am - 1pm
Kurt Ralske  - Saturday 17 September 2pm-4pm
£6/£4 each
Booking info for Watershed events
The Watershed Box Office
tel: 0117 927 5100
open Mon to Fri from 0900hrs / Sat & Sun from 1000hrs.


3 September – 27 November
Justin Bennett : Noise Map
GEM, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague, Netherlands

Justin Bennett, who featured at the SAN Expo in Scarborough, charts the sounds of everyday life in his first one-man museum exhibition. Bennett will show a selection of work produced over the last fifteen years, including a number of sound sculptures never previously presented to the public. The piece Soundhouse (pictured) consists of a structure built of PVC tubing ending in funnels. If you put the funnels to your ear, you hear fragments of various conversations between a man and a woman.

31 August
Glue Rooms
(live performance)
Amersham Arms, New Cross, London

Live performance and improvisation from Eaten by Children - A man claiming to produce sound while literally being eaten by his own children. Hunters Palace and Idioverse - a London based four piece that mix electronica and alt.Indie.

10 September
Placard Headphone Festival
London State 51, Tower Hamlets, London

Headphone festival featuring Knut Auferman, Dallas Simpson, Leafcutter John, Pete Marsh, U-Sun amongst many more.

14 September
(live performances)
Charterhouse Bar, London

After their summer break, Sprawl, the perennial experimental audio club, is back at the Charterhouse Bar. Presenting another selection of oddbeats, soundscapes & eclectic sounds with live appearances by MUSIC FOR ONE (Canada), FLUTTUAZIONI (Italy/Placard), LAWRENCE ENGLISH (Australia/ Room40) and ACHRID (Japan/UK).

24 September
Decoy, Birmingam

The performance is transmitted to over one hundred second hand radios of different ages and design, ranging from modern to retro, resulting in differing degrees of tone, EQ, warmth and volume, creating a new listening experience. Audience members are invited to participate by bringing there own portable radios, engaging with the sound, and moving around the venue. Hearing a wide variety of radio transmissions should alter the whole listening experience.

7 October
Pat Thomas, Julian Faultless
(live performance)
Holywell Music Room, Oxford

Night of improvisation, dance and performance, including Julian Faultless playing Stockhausen’s ‘In Freundshaft’.

14 & 15 October
UK MicroFest 1 ~ Wild Dog 1
Riverhouse, Walton-on-Thames

After having been victim in March to Westminster City Council’s banning order at St. Cyprian’s, UK MicroFest 1 incorporating Wild Dog 1 is back. UK MicroFest 1 explores the depth and diversity of microtonal practice in the UK.



Artist led software courses giving hands on instruction in the tools of contemporary AV invention held at The Watershed Media Centre.

Jo Hyde – Introducing Jitter
2 day course
Monday 12 and Wednesday 14 September

Yasser Rashid – Introducing Processing
2 day course
Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 September

Brian O’Reilly – Strategies for Constructing Moving Images
2 evening course (6pm – 9pm)
Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 September

Tickets cost £60/£40 each, advanced booking necessary for courses, places are limited

For more details on these courses and student requirements please see


Six Month Residency at Ynot?
Residency duration: September/October 2005 - March 2006
(plus possible extension to June 2006 depending on funding)

Fees and related budgets:
Musicians fee: £5,000 (five thousand pounds) (equivalent of 1 day per week for 25 weeks)
Materials, Equipment and Production: £1,000 (one thousand pounds)

A six-month residency (with the possibility of an extension for a further three months) for a professional musician based at Ynot? at The Place in Hendon, Sunderland.  Focussed on the aspirations of young parents and young people leaving care in Sunderland, the Ynot? programme aims to provide young people with new skills, develop confidence and build self esteem, particularly in those who have not participated in professional arts activities in the past.

For more information about Ynot? visit

The residency is an opportunity for the musician to develop their own creative practice that will provide a focus for the project as well and provide fresh ideas and influences.

The project is managed and administered by Young People‚s Services and Helix Arts. For more information about Helix Arts visit

For a full application pack contact Kate Roebuck at Helix Arts
Tel: 0191 241 4931
Address: Helix Arts, 2nd Floor, The Old Casino, 1-4 Forth Lane,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5HX

Deadline for applications 5pm Tuesday 6 September 2020 Interviews will be held on week commencing 20 September 2005.  It is expected that the residency will commence during September/October 2005

The successful applicant will be subject to the CRB enhanced disclosure procedure.



Sonic Arts Network would like to invite sound/image/text submissions for material to be considered for inclusion in a Sonic Arts Network limited edition CD publication concerning ‘Lists’. The edition will be published in November/December 2005 in a limited run of 1000 editions and will be curated by Craig Robinson, illustrator and creator of
Lists are never far away from us.  As humans, we are obsessed with order.  We have an obsessional drive to categorise, sort and list everything.

In Art, Literature, Science and Philosophy, lists can be found. Musical examples of listing range from Berio to Billy Joel.
We ask for audio (music/found sound/sound art/spoken word), literature, pictures and suggested reference points.
The idea may be interpreted in the widest possible sense and can be approached from multiple perspectives - acoustical, visual, philosophical and personal.
We encourage a diversity of styles and materials for selection.
The CD and its accompanying print materials will be the sixth in a series of numbered, limited edition audio CDs, produced and distributed three times a year, with guest curators and specially commissioned packaging.  The CDs are free to members of the Sonic Arts Network (for more information on membership visit, reaching practitioners and listeners in all corners of the globe, with a limited number of issues released in selected outlets. Previous artists whose work has featured in the CD series have included: Christian Marclay, Yasunao Tone, Francisco López, Antonin Artaud, Jaap Blonk, Lucia Pamela and a host of others.
No payment can be offered for submissions nor materials returned.
Submissions should be sent to:
Lists, c/o Sonic Arts Network,
The Jerwood Space,
171 Union Street,
SE1 0LN.

Deadline for submissions is 19 September 2020
Further information/clarification concerning the submission of materials is available from


signal+ noise 2006
Here is the new Call for Submissions
for the 2006 signal and noise festival!!

Celebrating its sixth year, the Signal & Noise Festival will be presenting a rousing program of video, live sound performance, multi-channel electroacoustic compositions, installation and performance. This year's theme is: Body, Bodier, Bodiest.: Exercises in Physical Potentials

We invite you to submit work based on the following themes:

Demonstrations of astonishing physical & auditory antics, remarkable feats, capers, and daring interventions in public space. Live-action and pre-recorded acts of prowess, skill, dexterity, heroism, virtuosity, daring, cunning, or just plain self-importance for an evening in celebration of the show-off.

Fluids and Functions
Works dealing with the internal and external structure of the human or non-human body. Interpretations of internal and external elements, including body systems, sounds, actions, environment, and metaphysical realms.

The Macabre
Unsettling offerings that affect the body or mind. Recordings, installations, and performances born of the grotesque. Inspired distortions of the natural body into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature. Interdisciplinary work testing the body’s strengths, weaknesses, and physical limitations.

Please check the website:

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2020 (postmark)

The University of Minnesota School of Music is proud to present the 2006 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, February 22-26. The festival will be held on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota (USA) and at the Walker Center for Art, Minneapolis. Now in its fourth year, the Spark Festival showcases the newest groundbreaking works of digital music and art. Last year’s festival included innovative works by over one hundred international composers and artists, including featured guest artists Philippe Manoury and DJ Spooky. Leading scholars and technology specialists also presented papers relating to new technology and creativity. Audiences for the concerts, installations, and lectures last year totaled approximately 2,000 people.

Spark invites submissions of works incorporating new media, including electroacoustic concert music, experimental electronica, theatrical and dance works, installations, kinetic sculpture, artbots, video, and other non-traditional genres.

Spark also invites submission of scholarly papers on Collaborative Arts, Interactivity, Cognition, Compositional and Artistic Process, Social and Ethical Issues in the Arts, Art, Music, Video, Film, Animation, Theater, Dance, Innovative Use of Technology in Education, Scientific Visualization, Virtual Reality, intermedia composition, performance, human-computer interaction, software/hardware development, aesthetics, and history and all topics related to the creation of new media art and music. All accepted papers will be published as part of the Spark proceedings.


Futuresonic 2006
Venues across Manchester
July, 2006

Independence - the '10 Years of Futuresonic' theme

Celebrating collaborative cultures and independence movements - from independent labels to peer-to-peer culture, from free parties to free networks, from locative media to local food

The Futuresonic 2006 festival will explore the theme of Independence, looking at collaborative cultures and independence movements in art, technology and culture. Futuresonic was formed 10 years ago at a time when there was a emergent musical and digital culture that was outside the mainstream, collaborative and peer-to-peer. Today a centre of gravity has shifted towards the world of hackers, bloggers, free networks, open source, social software and civic technologies. What has remained constant has been the emphasis on social autonomy and independence of creative practice. Futuresonic 2006 will explore the state of independence today, and showcase independent music, arts and technologies that are open, emergent, collaborative and ad-hoc.

If you wish to propose a project the deadline for initial expressions of interest is Wednesday 5 October 2005. Download guidelines and submission form from

Futuresonic 2006 will also host the final exhibition and conference of PLAN - The Pervasive and Locative Arts Network. For submission details & updates please visit

Twice Around the Earth - Chris Cutler
Also see Resonance FM, the home of ‘Out of the Blue Radio’

Imagine scanning the radio waves and hearing the early morning sounds of Tokyo through the ears of Otomo Yoshihide; or eavesdropping upon the cries of the muezzins in Azerbaijan, via Peter Cusack. What would it be like to experience life through someone else’s ears for half an hour? Between July ’02 and July ’03 you could have found out. ‘Out of the Blue Radio’ was a radio-based soundscape experiment initiated by Chris Cutler whereby people were invited to make “continuous, unedited, thirty minute recordings in any location” between the hours of 2330-0000 GMT. These were then mailed to him and broadcast in the order that they arrived.

This CD is the result of a commission offered by ORF in Austria, who wanted a ‘best of’ edition of the radio series.

The title track of this CD, Twice Around the Earth, involves Cutler randomly selecting 43 of the 365 recordings and extracting 50 second snippets from each as his source materials. Keen to preserve the aleatoric nature of the original field recordings, Cutler used the geographical location of each recording to determine the sequence of events, literally mapping out a journey twice around the Earth. These fragments are cleverly ‘framed’ within another thirty minute recording of John Scott on a run in London, within earshot of Big Ben. During his session of cardiovascular exercise, we are taken on our auditory whistle-stop tour travelling at a speed equivalent to 49,803mph [the liner notes provide us with some interesting mathematician’s notes].

The result is really quite extraordinary. We cut and paste our way through environments as varied as a brutal storm in San Francisco to an evening in a cosy loft apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland. Each location exhibits wildly differentiating subject matter and acoustics, from the intimacy of a small dentistry room to the vast nightlife of Sydney [sobriety would never warrant such amusing comments!]. Each remnant reveals its own fragment of narrative - and when everything is strung together, the listener’s attention becomes captured in a ceaseless search to find form and patterns, determining shifts in physical space and constructing imaginary situations. This is a montage to be marvelled at. As the liner notes read: “I guarantee the more you listen the more structure and meaning will emerge”. Get listening.


Reviewed by David JC de la Haye
A composer and bassist who’s recently completed an MMus at Newcastle, and available for all types of musical debauchery…