Expo Late @ The Hub

Saturday 23rd June 2007 | 6.30pm – 2am | The Hub, 9 Bath Street

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A packed evening of international sound and video abuse.

The Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain: Seasonally Affected

A winter’s journey home accompanied by a soundtrack of processed guitars, field recordings and percussion

Mikhail Karikis: Orphica

Electroacoustic musician and vocalist Mikhail performs music from his debut album Orphica. His show includes animations by Paul Gittins and Paul Bloomfield.


Sound and fury bringing together the worlds of improvised electronic music and hip-hop

Contact Theatre

2 performers, 6 turntables, 3 DJ mixers, records = noise

Lawrence Upton & John Levack Drever: Verbal Iteration 3

Electronic poet Upton presents a live multichannel vocal performance with projections

Kjersti Sundland & Anne Bang Steinsvik: Monstrous Little Women

A cut up cinematic experiment exploring the representation of the female in horror flicks.

Grew and Grew

The Grew brothers bring their virtuosic brand of high-speed electronic-improv to Expo

Semiconductor sound-film performance: Brilliant Noise & Where Has The Future Gone

Guided by obsessive interests in landscape, architecture, geography and artificial life forms Semiconductor reveal shifting landscapes and systems in chaos. Cutting edge digital artworks

DJ – Jon Weinel

Ambience for the evening comes in the form of incendiary experimental DJ sets incorporating contemporary electronic sounds and beyond. From breakcore to jazz, and dubstep to shoegaze

Installation - Gavin Morris & Tom Davies – Beat Jigsaw

A jigsaw puzzle incorporating sound loops and VJ style graphics


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