Expo Late @ The White Rabbit

Sunday 24th June 2007 | 7.30pm-12.30am | The White Rabbit, Bretonside Bus Station, The Viaduct (underneath)

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Grizzled noise punks battle with electronic improvisers in this, the third and final instalment of this year’s Expo Late series.

From Honey to Ashes

Exploring new approaches to digital audio and audio-visual interaction through performance and installation From Honey to Ashes use mobile phones, computers and a variety of interface systems to create their work.


JDTJDJ may use homemade software, circuit-bent toys, feedback, built-in microphones, networks, light, hand-built synthesisers, coat racks, webcams, shoddy DIY instruments, water, masks, glass bowls, umbrellas, bicycles, contact mics and servos during a performance.


Benedict Drew, Louisa Martin and Rhodri Davies are drawn from the cream of the crop of the UK’s improvised electronic music scene. Together they make a stunning noise as Portable.

Random Function

A showcase from Bristol’s Random Function live video and electronics collective

Vatican X-Ray Department

Performance art scum-noise rockers


Icarus have achieved widespread recognition for their distinct and complex sound. Tonight's concert will be a chance to witness experimental new work being constructed for their forthcoming album.

Additional listening ambience for this evening’s event will be provided by highlights from the last 9 editions of the acclaimed Sonic Arts Network CD series



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