Devil’s Point Sonic Picnic

Sunday 24th June | 12pm – 6pm | Western King Point, Stonehouse

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Bring a hamper, entertain the kids, walk the dog and enjoy a Sunday afternoon of outdoor sonic art at the stunning Devil’s Point.

Western King Point Come along to the Sonic Picnic A view out onto the bay


12.00pm | Paul Kelly & Isolde Kanikani: Control – No Control

Improvised MIDI-EVI trumpet and dance performance

12.35pm | Grantby: Made In England

Vintage analogue mixer feedback as sound performance


1.10pm | Junkenstein

Expo Youth junk percussion orchestra

Read more about Expo Youth

1.50pm | Inside the Goldfish Bowl: Polaroid

Audience interactive dance and sound piece blurring the boundaries between life and art

2.25pm | Semorphonic Orchestra

Multi-location orchestra of analogue synth players led by semophore

It's not too late to be part of the Semorphonic Orchestra. Visit the website for more details.

3.05pm | IMP

DIY electronic devices group led by kREEPA noise-doctor John Richards

4.40pm | Le Couteau Jaune

A pirate-mini opera created for Sonic Picnic by East London’s leading exponents of the confrontational bizarre.


5.20pm | Tom Bugs and Hilary Jeffery: Tromboscillator

Mangled trombone blasts mate and mutate with modular analogue sonics in this headline Sonic Picnic performance from these top draw collaborators


Halal Kebab Hut – impromptu performances in various picnic sites

Bonkers live and roaming interventions by anarchic algorithmic improviseurs de junk



A series of sound installations dotted across Western King Point. Find them all, experience them all

Holly Rumble – “I forced many kinds of seeds into the stomachs of dead fish, and then gave their bodies to fishing-eagles, storks, and pelicans.”

Amplified chips and seeds inspired by Charles Darwin whose Beagle voyage left from close to this site in 1831

Sarah Angliss – The See Saw Deception

A sonified see saw – say no more


Oscillatorial Binnage – Drowning Not Waving

Circuits have been abused for musical purposes in many different ways but never drowned. Witness a flotilla of speakers and their nautical drones.


Jon Aveyard & Paul Stapleton – Binaural Improvisation

A durational site-specific performance experienced over headphones

Selina Taylor  - Sonic Puppets

Puppets need picnics too

5X= Digital Hot Dogs

A roving hot dog cart with a twist, presented as part of Expo Youth

Read more about Expo Youth

The SunMaids - Operation Raisins

Conceptual art inspired teens The Sunmaids present a site-specific sculpture that dispenses both healthy fruitsnack products and cheap Casio-raisincore. Presented as part of Expo Youth

Read more about Expo Youth | Sunmaid's Website | Buy the Song

Fudge - Sweet Dreams

An interactive sound environment of space hoppers and giant inflatables in a disused reservoir, Presented as part of Expo Youth

Read more about Expo Youth

Darwin’s Walk

A large metal sculpture incorporating Soundbeam technology, presented as part of Expo Youth

Read more about Expo Youth

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