In conjunction with the Institute of Digital Art and Technology (i-DAT), University of Plymouth

Expo is the hub and playground of the experimental music and sound art scene in the UK and beyond. Free and open, the event mobilises a national network of artists and engages with communities from all backgrounds – placing sonic art and the people who make it in direct contact with the public. Expo steps out from traditional venues and into spaces that lie at the heart of the community - inspiring practitioners and the public to reconsider their environments.

Annually relocating, the festival traverses the country. It disperses into the locality it arrives in, scattering events, happenings and sounds across the towns and cities it visits, joining together place, people and art. Work is drawn from a national call and the festival collaborates with local partners and highlights the work of local artists. In the spirit of open culture and accessibility the festival has developed a social community ethic amongst contributing artists and has encouraged creative approaches to the staging of new work.

The festival aims to present serious, experimental and challenging work in a playful, open and inclusive context, encouraging the public, both local and national, to have direct experience of and access to the most radical and exciting sound work.

After the success of last year’s highly eclectic event in Manchester the focus now shifts to Plymouth and the South West of England. This weekend of performance, exhibition and presentation will take place across a variety of public venues in Plymouth including a selection of outdoor performance spaces, club spaces and an historic architectural space. The weekend aims to highlight the broadest possible range of approaches and thinking that surround the sonic arts. We welcome submissions of all kinds.

There is no charge for the submission or acceptance of work, and indeed, entry to the festival will continue to be free to all members of the public. We do ask that selected artists attend the event. This call is open to all UK based practitioners and all international members of Sonic Arts Network. In order to keep the festival open, free and accessible we are unable to offer artist fees for work submitted.

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