Call for Work


Submissions are sought in all forms of sonic art including real-time interactive works, improvisation with technology, experimental electronica, instrumental/electroacoustic mixes, acousmatic music, sound installations, environmental sound work, performances, internet-based creative work, sound and image works and cross-arts work. We welcome submissions of all kinds of work incorporating sound as a major element.

Submitted works must have been created after January 2006.

Some resources are limited and, for example, performers must be supplied by submitting artists.

Available equipment for this year’s festival will include: an 8 channel sound diffusion system catering for projection of stereo and multi-channel works (hard disk) and smaller, adaptable stereo systems suitable for installation work, Macintosh G5 (dual processing) and iMac G4 computers (OSX) with Digi 002 and MOTU 828 Firewire (mark two) audio interfaces. Video projection facilities are also available.

Artists should consider submitting work for:

New Cooperage Building

Sonic Picnic
Distributed City

Expo Late

For both the Saturday and Sunday nights of the Expo 07 festival we are seeking submissions of work suitable for presentation in a bar/club environment.

This work could be performance with or without video support, DJ sets, installation or stand alone film for projection using image and sound.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions of papers and works should include: (to be submitted online here)

  • Title of the proposed paper/work
  • Name of author(s)/artists
  • Duration of work (if applicable)
  • Contact details (name, address, telephone/fax, email, URL)
  • Brief bio (200 words max)
  • Programme notes, if applicable (max 150 words)
  • For papers, an abstract summary of paper (500 words max)
  • Technical resources required for presentation (specifying those that can be supplied by the artist in the case of artistic submissions)

For artistic submissions clearly labelled audio/video hardcopy examples of work should be sent to ‘Expo Submissions’ at the address below. Stereo versions of multichannel works must be provided.

Deadline for proposals: 31 January 2021

Sonic Arts Network
The Jerwood Space
171 Union St
United Kingdom