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CD Releases Periférico: Sounds from beyonnd the bubble

Periférico: Sounds from beyonnd the bubble

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The tenth instalment of Sonic Arts Network CD series, 'Periférico: Sounds from beyond the bubble' is curated by Angolan composer Victor Gama.

During the process of globalisation, the west has created a sphere of military, economic and cultural dominance over the rest of the world. As this bubble has spread, and despite the opportunities offered by the Internet and other technologies, the relative number of channels available to artists, composers and other creators of meaning and cultural value has dwindled.

Periférico explores music from these ‘threatening zones of silence’. Composers who are, or have been, in a situation of ‘us and them’: at the flashpoints of this expanding bubble, attempting to exercise freedom through their unique music and project initiatives.

The results of this exploration are 15 tracks from artists from Lebanon, Iran, Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, Palestine, Angola, Brazil, Cuba, Peru and Ukraine. The CD is not however, intended to be a ‘world music’ compilation of ‘indigenous folk music’, but rather contemporary, experimental and challenging work rooted in non-western culture—demonstrating that this kind of activity is not the sole-domain of the western avant-garde.

The accompanying CD booklet explores these themes further and is illustrated by Lebanese artist and musician Mazen Kerbaj, whose music is also featured on the CD.

Born in Angola of Portuguese descent, Victor Gama’s work as a composer further elaborates on the potential to transform beyond the structures of tradition. Gama composes using a method he calls the Golian Modes where the construction of the instrument is introduced into the writing process. His theory draws on traditional instruments, technology and knowledge systems, particularly from Angola, whilst employing cutting edge technologies. Currently collaborating with renowned artists such as Naná Vasconcelos, William Parker and Guillermo E. Brown, Gama has also initiated the first digital archive of the traditional musics of Angola, and produced the exchange project Odantalan in Luanda.


  1. Raed Yassin (Lebanon) “Re resist”
  2. Kamran Rastegar (Iran) “Kalandia Checkpoint (Daytime)”
  3. Ricardo Gallo (Colombia) “Para Bojayá”
  4. Sujeito a Guincho (Brazil) “Para dois clarinetes e meia”
  5. Mazen Kerbaj (Lebanon) “The Workshop”
  6. Hassan Khan (Egypt) “Tabla Dubb no. 16”
  7. Boikutt (Palestine) “Taht il Ankad”
  8. SOTE (Iran) “Glacial Frequency”
  9. Victor Gama (Angola) “Huyra e Coma”
  10. Ana María Romano G (Colombia) “sin coincidencias I –silencio-”
  11. Odantalan Collective (Brazil/Colombia/Angola/Cuba) “Con Licensia”
  12. Christian Galarreta (Peru) “Código_ASCOO”
  13. Giba Conceição (Brazil) “Roda”
  14. Kotra (Ukraine) “Kharkiv”
  15. Dembo/Gama (Angola) “Mensagem a Luanda”


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