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CD Releases Otherness


Price per Unit (piece): £12.00
Number pieces in packaging:1

Otherness also contains tracks by AMM group co-founder and free improviser Eddie Prévost; Naplam Death drummer Mick Harris; catacoustic sound artist and friend of Emmett Williams, Z’EV; aural architect Lovely Midget; microtonalist Kraig Grady (who incidentally was voted in the Top 100 of L.A.’s coolest people) and artist-cum-mycologist Michael Prime capturing the sounds of shiitake mushrooms. The publication is also adorned with the work of legendary science fiction and fantasy illustrator Jeffrey Catherine Jones who has been hailed by artist Frank Frazetta as “the greatest living painter”.

David Cotner explains “Otherness. It’s being 20: no longer a teenager but not quite an adult. An in-betweenness. It’s the touch of fog at the seaside that’s almost substantial enough to be felt and held in one’s hand. Almost. It’s an errant page of pornography found on a tree branch in the wilderness. It’s the sudden absence of the constant sound somewhere, sometime, of a motor. It’s light slowed down to 38 miles per hour and the possible existence of literally bottomless pits. It’s what lies in outer space directly beneath the Earth and downward, not just out and away from it”.

David Cotner’s writings on culture both popular and unpopular have appeared in various magazines and publications and he is a longtime champion of the culturally neglected. Cotner has, for the better part of the past decade, chronicled the endlessly creative apex of music and art in his weekly Actions communiqué, a compendium of events happening in the world of the leftfield and the experimental.

Composer and conceptualist David Cotner first proposed the method of composition known as Literalism in the mid-1990s. Literalism is a way to make music using physical representations of compositional elements to create everything from orchestral works to apparently formless moments of noise.



1. Cluster & Eno - “One” {detail}
2. David Cotner - “I Think The Limit Should Be (Three Minutes)”
3. Dissonant Elephant - “静けさ”
4. Ecclesiastical Scaffolding - “Leaving the Dark Passage”
5. Faust {feat. Hans-Joachim Irmler} - “Wine of Dreams”
6. Faust {feat. Jean-Hervé Péron} - “Lass Mich!” {moment}
7. Kraig Grady - “Beyond the Windows, Perhaps Among the Podcorn” {excerpt}
8. Robert Haigh - “Air Caprice”
9. Mick Harris - “Let It Find a Hole”
10. Indian Jewelry - “Lost My Sight” {detail}
11. Kallabris - “Empty Quarter”
12. Roland Kayn - “Etoile du nord, Part II”
13. Lovely Midget - “Lowing”
14. The Mystical Unionists - “My Heart is a Heart of Golden Sun”
15. Eddie Prévost - “Entelechy” {edit}
16. Michael Prime - “Ha, Ha! Your Mushrooms Have Gone” {abridged}
17. Ramleh - “Do Not Come Near” {detail}
18. Lee Ranaldo - “Shibuya Displacement”
19. Rapoon - “Plainsong”
20. Conrad Schnitzler - “Solo Electrics 00/356 [No. 9]”
21. Sedayne - “Hiberna Spiritus”
22. Karlheinz Stockhausen - “Refrain 2000 x 3” {extract}
23. David Toop - “Yanomamo Wayamou”
24. Wander - “Wander”
25. Z’EV - “cyn’d dc : for david cotner : in memory of arthur lee from bido lido’s on”

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