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CD Releases The Agents Of Impurity

The Agents Of Impurity

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The agents of impurity is a celebration of guilty pleasures, as viewed through the lens of the historic avant-garde - a place which despised such impulses. If there's one thing that revisionist history has done, it’s been to bring historically marginalised figures into front and centre. Using audio examples from Antonin Artaud to Sean Landers, and textual works from Gertrude Stein to Dan Graham, the works presented here challenge their received histories and genres, and by doing so, speak directly to our sense of the present; a present ruled by the constructive chaos of decentralised horizontal media, as well as the celebration of notions like ‘incorrectness’ and ‘uncreativity’. Based on avant-garde art, but not avant-garde art, the sights and sounds within just might be the new avant-garde (assuming that the newest art will look/sound nothing like what we know to be art today).


1. Antonin Artaud - “sound effects beating and exchanges between Roger Blin and I” (1947)
2. Vito Acconci - “Ten Packed Minutes” (edit) (1977)
3. Erik Belgum from - “Bad Marriage Mantra” (edit) (1997)
4. Neil Mills - “Seven Number Poems” (1971)
5. Asa Chang & Junray - “Kutsu” (edit) (2003)
6. Reese Williams Excerpt From - “The Sonance Project” (1979)
7. Caroline Bergvall - “About Face” (2002)
8. Language Removal Services From - “The Static Language Sampler” (2002)
9. Sue Tompkins - “Country Grammar” (Edit) (2003)
10. Takayuki Nakano From - “Comes Sabotag” (Edit) (2002)
11. Ergo Phizmiz From - “Sticky White Glue” (Edit) (2004)
12. Jaap Blonk And Radboud Mens - “Blaf” (2002)
13. Dokaka - “Angel of Death” (2002)
14. Todd Colby - “Cake” (1993)
15. Sean Landers - “The Man Within” (Edit) (2000)

Bob Brown - “My Mosque” & “Eyes on The Half Shell”

Ron Silliman - “Sunset Debris” (Excerpt)

B P Nichol - “Eyes”

Gertrude Stein - “Five Words in a Line”

Samuel Beckett - “Watt” (Excerpt)

Eduardo Paolozzi - “The Mighty Atlas Enters Space”

Bern Porter - “The Happy Jackie”

Claude Closky - “The First Thousand Numbers Classified in Alphabetical Order”

Pete Manson - “Adjunct: an Undigest” (Excerpt)

Dan Graham - “Miles To...”

Aram Saroyan - “Two Poems”

Darren Wershler-Henry - “The Tapeworm Foundry” (Excerpt)

Artist Unknown - “The Free Jack Ad’s”


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