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"It's reconnected me to the essential strangeness and magic of listening/recording. Sonic Postcards is such a great level playing field." -- Pete Judge, Sound Artist

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CD Releases Blood, Muscle & Air

Blood, Muscle & Air

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Blood, Muscle & Air: The Intimate Voice brings together 14 vocalists from around the globe to explore the power and intimacy of the human voice.  Each artist brings to the publication a unique, personal and eccentric voice, rooted and connected to the listener and each other by the blood, muscle and air we all possess. Curated by David Moss—widely considered one of the most innovative singers and percussionists in contemporary music.

The CD collects work from the world’s leading singers and vocal artists including Jaap Blonk, Maja Ratkje, Martyn Jaques (of The Tigerlillies), Phil Minton, Tran Quang Hai and Chris Mann, amongst many others.

David Moss notes, “When singing and speaking, the blood, muscles and air inside the body (modulated by your mind) generate sound-waves (vibrations in the air around you) that come out of the mouth, propagate INVISIBLY through the air and then invisibly TOUCH someone else… We can touch other people, emotionally, intellectually and PHYSICALLY with our voices. “From blood to muscle to air to mouth to air to ear to brain to blood to muscle to air to ear again, in a symphony of feedback and synchronisation that can deliver us to ecstasy, meditation, aggression or exultation.”

Moss contacted all the singers in this project, asking all the artists to imagine themselves singing directly into the ear of the listener. Almost all of them created totally new pieces especially for the publication.

David Moss is considered one of the most innovative singers and percussionists in contemporary music. He has performed his solo and theatre work all over the world, and organises festivals and performance projects internationally. In 1991 he received a Guggenheim Fellowship and in 1992 a DAAD Fellowship (Berlin). Moss is the co-founder / artistic director of the Institute for Living Voice.  He recently premiered “David Lunaire” (“Pierrot Lunaire” revisited) with the Alter Ego ensemble.

Moss has sung with the Berlin Philharmonic under Sir Simon Rattle, made his Carnegie Hall debut with the American Composers Orchestra and sings regularly with the Ensemble Modern. He was a featured soloist at the Salzburg Festival in Luciano Berio's "Cronaca del Luogo" in 1999 and in "Die Fledermaus" in 2001. Moss sings in Heiner Goebbels’ orchestra work “Surrogate Cities”.  

Blood, Muscle & Air is part of the critically acclaimed Sonic Arts Network guest-curated CD series; a collection of themes and ideas that explore the edges of music and sound. All the CDs are available online at:

Track List

01     B
02    Melissa Madden Gray “Heart Murmur”
03    L
04    Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir “Circulation”
05    O
06    Chris Mann “toldyouso”
07    O2
08    Yumiko Tanaka “Romantic Song”
09     D
10    Médéric Collignon “Improlibration”
11    M
12    Jaap Blonk: “Idling on Air”
13    U
14    Fatima Miranda: “Palimpsiesta II”
15     S
16    Phil Minton “Breathing Out”
17    C
18     Maja Ratkje “etude with cheap microphone”
19     L2
20    Tran Quang Hai “Hat Dong Song Thanh”
21    E
22    David Moss “Wittgenstein Sings”
23    &
24    Koichi Makigami “InsideOut”
25    A
26    Madalena Bernardes “Where is the End?”
27    i
28    Martyn Jacques “The Paedophile in the Park”
29    R

*All odd numbered tracks sung by David Moss


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