A weekend devoted to innovative music technology

DATE 6th - 8th July 2001
VENUE University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7TJ
FESTIVAL PASS Festival Pass £30 (£20 concessions) or £75 (£65 concessions) with 2 nights B&B; on-campus accommodation

A free-flowing weekend festival celebrating the innovative edges and fault-lines of music and digital technology Š genuinely interactive systems, real-time and just-in-time composition solutions, home-grown interventions in consumer electronics, generative music, circuit bending, web-based and network distributed performance.

In recognition of the huge interest in electronic music in the East Anglian region, a summer festival is about to burst on the peaceful lakeside setting of the University of East Anglia in Norwich featuring some of the most influential artists working in the field.

“UEA has one of the best-established and most active electroacoustic studios in the country, under the directorship of my fellow programmer Simon Waters. Basing the festival in Norwich was a obvious choice as we were keen to tap in the fantastic local resources and natural audience” said Phil Hallett, Executive Director of Sonic Arts Network and co-programmer of the festival.

Archive launch
The weekend will also see the launch of SARA (Sonic Arts Research Archive), a new publicly accessible multimedia research resource based in Norwich. It will provide an essential national resource, offering online access to a vast archive of electroacoustic music in digitised form, video, papers on aesthetic and technical issues and areas of 'electronic arts' activity - Sonic Art, Soundscape, Sound Installation Art, and multimedia work.

Most of the events rely on technologies which have been customised by the artists, whether at the level of self-programmed Max patches or home-built or altered electronics. Some make use of the speed of the latest generation of portable computers – others remain resolutely low-tech.

By featuring deliberately ambiguous work for which it is difficult to form a stock response, we hope to contribute to debate on current sonic issues. This has coloured the manner in which events within the festival are presented, with formal concerts interspersed with participatory workshops and performance sessions, online events and in-depth lectures.

Various threads link the performers in the timetabled events. Many of them usefully blur distinctions between composing and improvising by either drawing attention to the characteristic strategies of unplanned performance, exploring aspects of composing and performing in new and provocative ways, or by examining the ways in which human activity is imbued with time.

Performance highlights include a concert featuring saxophone virtuoso Evan Parker working with two of his previous partners for the first time ever in this trio formation using real-time computer systems and acoustic instruments including Jonathan ImpettÕs groundbreaking "metatrumpet"; performances of Cage works by Gregg Wagstaff and Matt Rogalsky; Matt Oldens' real time manipulation of his own I Am The Mighty Jungulator programme and an online physically remodelled realisation of David Tudor's Rainforest presented by Matt Rogalsky.

Full list: Evan Parker, Matt Olden, Shigeto Wada, Jonathan Impett, Walter Fabeck, The Zapruda Trio, Matt Rogalsky, Gregg Wagstaff, Lone Shark, Sebastian Lexer, Extractor, Clive Walley's, Johannes Bergmark, Studio Tonne, John Bowers, Richard Barrett, Tom Wallace, Brown Sierra, Nick Melia, Hans Tutschku, Jo Hyde, Nathan Hughes, Rob Flint. Spaces 8-channel interactive/installation space; SuperCollider and MAX/MSP-based system; dedicated sound diffusion-video projection space; open amphitheatre mix space; 250 seat concert hall with multi-speaker system; sunshine; lake; open Norfolk parkland. Further Information The event is produced by Sonic Arts Network and the University of East Anglia. It is supported by The Performing Rights Society Foundation and The Arts Council of England. For more information please contact the Sonic Arts Network on 020 7928 7337 or