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"The Sonic arts team put on a great show and I and everybody I spoke to all agreed. It was a weekend filled with great works, inspired backdrops (the Victoria baths were amazing) and lovely people all getting together to get sonically distorted!" -- Audience Member, Expo 2006

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Whilst the website is in beta stage it is free to create your own profile page. By registering, you will not only be able to add sound, image and text to your own page but also contribute to the public calendar.

Use your profile page to advetise your activities, including CD releases and gigs. Profiles will also be regularly featured on the front page of www.sonicartsnetwork.org.

Here are some profile pages:

Category Owner Site Details
Music Andrew Walker Paranoid Foundation
The Paranoid Foundation: a collaborative music/multimedia project aiming to explore the darker elements of the human psyche.
Music Bomb Shop ::: Bomb Shop :::
Bomb Shop, record label and home to Elias Linn, Jingai, Los Vampiros Lesbos, YTAC, Sous Section 5...
Music Caroline M Breece Caroline M Breece
British composer (b. 1977) exploring the relationship between electronic and acoustic sound, currently living in the U.S and earning a living as a janitor along with my husband, sonic artist Michael G. Breece. Free music found here: http://art_music.home.pipeline.com/download.html
Music Fari Bradley Fari Bradley
Sound art, electronica, radio.
Music Helena Gough helena gough
sound artist and workshop leader www.helenagough.net
Music James Drabble James Drabble

Has: Released an EP on Statra as Geche, two EPs and an album on ASR and sister Venom Sonic as Valvestat. Written music for experimental drama / dance and arts funders, NESTA. Reworked music for various commercial artists. Written music and sound for Xbox360, PSP, PC and Mac software. Designed synthesis and processing software.

Eager to learn more, hungry for sound and always looking to make contact with like minds.

Music jason sweeney Sounds Like Sweeney - JASON SWEENEY
Jason produces new music commissions for theatre, dance & film companies, cultural organisations, commercial agencies, independent artists and the youth and community sector. Combining unique and original musical works in the field of electronic music, Jason also has a vast background in producing, recording and releasing CDs on labels around the world. A catalogue of past works can be found at http://pleasurecraft.va.com.au.
Music Jeni Hawkswell Jeni Hawkswell - Electro-acoustic Composer
Jeni Hawkswell is an electro-acoustic composer based in the North West of England, UK. Her music is a blend of numerous styles and genres, ranging from the electro-acoustic music of legends such as Pierre Schaeffer, to Stockhausen, the ambient music of Brian Eno and the experimental elements found in John Cage, George Crumb and the electronica influences of Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Squarepusher, Goldfrapp, Portishead and Massive Attack.
Magz Hall DJ and artist produces and presents You Are Hear a podcast and online radio show (Resonance FM and Totally Radio) Bringing you live sessions, new music, festival specials and interviews. File under experimental alternative new music of all genres. Folk, Rock, Noise, Pop, electronic, dance, grime, electro - To celebrate the shows fifth Birthday we are releasing a CD of some of our best live sessions in June 2007.
Music Michael G. Breece Michael G. Breece
Reclusive 36 year old, untrained and uneducated, janitor who toils away in obscurity on sonic art (aka: musical expressions i.e.: weird shit to help alleviate my troubled mind) into the wee hours of the night. Free music can be found here: http://art_music.home.pipeline.com/download.html
Music Paul Bull [p/b] paul bull - sound for performance
Live sound for all kinds of live performance
Music Paul Kelly A Better Music Stuff
A Better Music Stuff my work : booking /touring for improvised music : local promotion for improvised & exploratory music in Newcastle upon Tyne
Music Paul Ramsay Paul Ramsay: Chameleon Lectra
Paul Ramsay is the originator of Chameleon Lectra: home of the MOTILE record label and PMUSIC - a form of computer-based, indeterminate composition. Every time a PMusic piece is played it is different - a type of music that changes colour. Visit chameleonlectra.co.uk to hear...
Music Reid Dudley-smith Reid's Thrift Funnel
I Just Don't Really Know Yet.
Music Roses Leech-Wilkinson Roses Leech-Wilkinson, recorder player
Recorder player available for work.
Music the wood for the trees the wood for the trees
Dedicated to the electronic and exploring a broad range of moods, this is computer music driven by human emotion. the wood for the trees sticks firmly to electronic principles, clearly utilising technologies that have become so familiar, to so many. What drives the music of the wood for the trees is not the technology behind its creation, but the human need to communicate and resonate with others, on an emotional level, ever present, but often neglected in modern culture.
Music Tillakaratne Tillakaratne on the Sonic Arts Network
The genesis of Tillakaratne is Dada. Tillakaratne sits at the nexus between Dada past, Dada now and Dada future. The world provides inspiration for Tillakaratne and Tillakaratne reciprocates, in kind. Tillakaratne acknowledges that these artefacts are component parts of a wider continuum in which Tillakaratne is merely a conduit of work already done. They exist in their own right, representing nothing; forever domiciled in the fourth dimension.
Music timothy Timothy Didymus: generative music-radiophonica-installation
Timothy Didymus is recognised as a pioneer of what was to become known as generative music, after being invited in 1995 to become Principal Musician for Sseyo, Bafta award winning software developers. Has participated in arts festivals such as Ars Electronica, Cybersonica, ISEA. Artist-in-residence for ORF Kunstradio, Vienna in 2006.
Music Tony Seaton Where are the limits to music?
Experimental composer and music technologist: intrepid explorer of the Sonic Arts; pusher of boundaries.
Music Will Schrimshaw poportis
sound and text