Sonic Arts Network (UK) and the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) have teamed up to produce the first international edition of the Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP) project (now in its fourth year).

The JTTP 2003 includes:

_ Awards (Prize money, CDs, books).
_ Concerts (In Canada and the UK).
_ Compilation CDs (Cache 2003 and UK subs).
_ Web distribution (For all pieces submitted).
_ Radio airtime (For the top placing pieces submitted).

What is the JTTP 2003?
JTTP 2003 is a large multi-leveled project aimed at promoting and celebrating new electroacoustic works of young and/or emerging sound artists (or composers) from (or living in) Canada or the UK.

Participation includes:
_ promotion on the web through a special issue of eContact!.
_ inclusion in a competition with an international jury, and awards.
_ concert presentations of the top 20 scoring submitted works.
_ possible inclusion in a CD compilation, (pending financial funding).
_ radio and concert CD launches for the CD compilation.

Who is a young and/or emerging sound artist or composer?

This would be someone who is likely to be continuing studies in an educational facility or possibly someone for whom there has been little or no national or international recognition of their work and potential in the short period of time that they have been doing it.

Who is eligible?

There are two groups of eligible participants:

_ Canadian citizens who should submit work to the CEC.
_ UK citizens who should submit work to SAN.

What is the submission criteria?
Submissions must adhere to the following specifications and be sent to the appropriate

address before the deadline:
_ Only one work will be accepted per participant.
_ Pieces must be no longer than 8 minutes in duration (this is an absolute maximum) and be unpublished.
_ Pieces must be normalized to 98% and be submitted as audio on a CD or CD-R (CDs must be playable in a regular CD player). Pieces submitted as data on CD-R, or in any other format (such as on DAT), will not be accepted.
_ The name of the participant, title of work, duration and any other pertinent information should appear on the CD cover and the name of the participant should appear on the CD itself.

Submissions must include:
_ the participants CV.
_ a completed waiver.
_ short bio and program notes (max 100 words total) sent via email to Failure to send notes via email will mean submissions will appear without notes. Floppy disks will be ignored.
_ submissions must be sent in a well-padded envelope.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Participants are not required to be CEC or SAN members. All participants will retain full copyright of their work. Submissions will not be returned, but will be housed in the CEC or SAN archives.

For more information, please email

Further details for Canadian participants and an archive of previous JTTP competitions can be found

Address to send submissions:

UK Section of the JTTP 2003:
Sonic Arts Network,
The Jerwood Space,
171 Union Street,
SE1 0LN,

Canadian Section of the JTTP 2003:

Communauté Électroacoustique Canadienne,
Canadian Electroacoustic Community,
RF 310, Departement de Musique / Music Department,
Université Concordia University,
7141, rue Sherbrooke o,
Montreal, QC,
H4B 1R6,

Deadline for submissions: 1 May 2021

Who is supporting this project?
This project is supported in part by CEC and SAN membership fees, The Arts Council of England, the SOCAN Foundation, Concordia University, the Canada Council for the Arts, individual donations,, Cambridge Street Records, Earsay, empreintes DIGITALes, SKRAEP - experimental music forum, and the Western Front.


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