Deluxe Gallery, 1st Floor 2- 4 Hoxton Square, London N1

7th October 2003

The art of organising sound events in time...

Jeu de Temps/Time Play is a transatlantic competition aimed at creators of electronic music and sonic art. Our intention was to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to get their work heard, and, through a panel of internationally acclaimed composers and artists, to draw comment, feedback and support.

At the Deluxe gallery in London we held the awards night. We presented all the UK entries in our headphone listening gallery alongside the winning top five pieces from Canada. To a crowded gallery we announced the results of the UK section of the competition as follows...

1st Place Theodore Lotis Arioso Dolente/Beethoven Op.11
2nd Place Stelios Giannoulakis Lucidity
3rd Place Rodrigo Sigal Friction of Things in Other Places
4th Place Panayiotis Kokoras Breakwater
5th Place Tom Cahill-Jones Bounce Eye (Study In Marbles)
6th Place Mark Horrocks Tanzhaus
7th Place Simon Kilshaw La Pecora Perduta
8th Place Tim Shaw Emergence
9th Place David Shepherd Äwhä
10th Place Matthew Abrey F50v.6

A CD of the top 10 pieces from both the UK and Canadian sections will be produced and distributed free to members in the New Year.


To listen to the pieces you will need QuickTime 6
available free from

Click here for programme notes and to hear all the UK submissions...

Click here to visit the CEC website and hear the Canadian submissions...


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