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Message to all Members

At the last Annual General Meeting in March 2005, there was a constructive discussion with members about the proposal to create a new contemporary arts organisation.  This initiative came out of the arts funding system, and has been a key matter for the Sonic Arts Network Board since August 2004.

The idea grew out of a wish to base a number of contemporary arts organisations in a new building in King’s Cross.  In time, it became apparent that Arts Council England felt that these organisations would operate most effectively from their new base by merging.  Arts Council England has made substantial funds available for a range of studies on the viability of what is proposed.  These studies – and a considerable amount of work by both staff and Board members of Sonic Arts Network – are distilled in a Prospectus for the new organisation (which has the working title TNO). With the approval of the other organisations involved, the full prospectus is being made available to all members of Sonic Arts Network on our website. I urge you to read it in detail.

The Board of Sonic Arts Network has been consistently positive in considering the Arts Council’s proposal.  Board members have recognised the additional clout the new organisation could have and the enhanced funding from a range of sources that might follow its creation.  In taking this positive line, the Board has felt it is best protecting the interests of members and staff of Sonic Arts Network.  With this in mind, the Board has set a number of specific conditions for merger relating to our core principles.  These were detailed in a letter from me on behalf of the Board to the Head of Music, Arts Council London last April.

At this stage, no-one can guarantee that either the planned merger or the move to King’s Place will come off.  The Sonic Arts Network Board, however, feel that now there is an outline document about the proposal (the Prospectus) it is the right time to consult our membership more fully. Knowing the views of members will guide the Board as we pursue the process further.

As previously mentioned in Diffusion, we have therefore called a special general meeting of the membership on 18 March at the Jerwood Space from 2.00pm to 4.00pm for an informal discussion.  I very much hope that as many members as possible will be able to attend and would be grateful if you could let us know by the 14 March by e-mail whether you can attend or not.

With best wishes

Kenneth Baird
February 2006

Please RSVP to us at

The Prospectus is available to download here...

or by mail by calling the office on 020 7928 7337

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