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What Would You Do If...There Was No Map

A selection of audio pieces designed for journeys between Expo performance spaces.

Download MP3's here:

Arabic Interview
Favourite Sound
Found Rhythm
Just Round Here Manchester
Picadilly Flutes
Street Voices
Your Journey Today

The files are also available as a podcast:


(You may wish to set you Podcast Aggregator to 'download all' to hear all the pieces. Read more about podcasts here)

Alternatively, a limited number of CDRs are available from Sonic Arts Network members of staff over the weekend.

These pieces are a culmination of work with college students from Rwanda, Yemen, Iran and Iraq created with Duncan Chapman. They explore the journeys we make and how they affect us.

‘What would you do if...?’ is an exhibition about uncertainty, fear and hope, created by leading Northwest artists and local people. The exhibition will be full of fun, thoughtful opportunities to physically and mentally challenge yourself and your family, with mystery spaces to explore, a puppet show to play with, as well as music and sound installations, artworks and photography. There will also be an exciting events programme of performance, music, art and food events to accompany the exhibition.

The show also includes the sound installation ‘What if...the voices were only memories?’ by Iain Armstrong.

Opening Times:
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 16:45
Sat & Sun 13:00 - 17:00


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